Daily, Weekly, Monthly: a guide to success for undergraduate student staff

Dear undergraduate student staff member-

As an RA there are LOTS of pressures on you.  You are constantly pulled in different directions and can often wonder what you need to be doing to be a great student staff member.  As you will recall from our training session, this is a concept that we’ve already gone through.  This is a guide to help you to be successful at your position and to help build the best community possible.

The basic idea here are that there are some things I want you to do daily, some things you need to do weekly, and others you need to do monthly (or once per semester).  If you follow this guide, you should be awesome at your job.Slide1.jpg

It’s a pretty straight forward concept.  Each day think to yourself – “what are the things I need to do today to be the best at my job.”  Some days there is almost nothing you need to do.  Other days you will contribute significantly to your community.  However, if you follow this guide, you should never be in doubt as to what my expectations are.

Above all else, remember that I want you to ask me questions, I want you to learn how to be the best student staff member, and I want to support you to the fullest extent possible.

Your supervisor

Note: This concept (daily, weekly, monthly) was ‘barrowed’ from Josh Skillman, Assistant Director of Housing at IUPUI


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