Professional Relationships are Built on Personal Relationships

Completely unrelated fact to everything: I watch lots of random youtube videos.

I don’t think everyone wants to ‘watch’ this video.  But it is interesting to listen to.  (the video itself is a game play of a semi-violent video game – and is NOT the best video to watch while at work)
Saw this video posted:

The guy talking is a nice guy who plays video games (I don’t know him- but have seen his videos before).

He talks about this concept of professional relationships being built on personal relationships.  It’s really interesting because I’ve seen this work for me over the past year.
As I think some of you know, this is not my first career.  I’ve worked previously as a classroom teacher.  At that place, I was not the most social of individuals.  Whenever we would have a holiday party, I might stop in for 5-10 min and then zip out the back.  Often, I didn’t even do that.
While I realized that spending ‘out of work’ time with my co-workers was important, I didn’t value it.  Thus, I didn’t do it.

Since transitioning into Student Affairs (or Student Engagement as we’re now supposed to say…), I’ve been realizing more and more the value of the personal connections and relationships.  As others have posted in their blogs lately, ‘it is not who you know, but who will make a call for you.’
As I’ve even talked about in some of my posts, it is really beneficial to go the extra mile for people and build a great positive personal relationship with them.  I see this work for me almost every day in my current position – both as a Graduate student (in the classroom), as a Graduate Hall Director (with my student staff), and my other ‘full time job’- finding a real job (as the job hunter).
I am constantly amazed what others will do for me when I have a positive relationship with them.  However, what I’ve done is to really put myself out there.  With my staff we’ve talked a lot about where we come from and what we value.  I had been one (for the longest time) to keep my birthday and other personal things ‘private.’  But, after having opened up to my group (still staying professional) there has been a world of difference.

So- just a quick post to remind ya that the personal relationships are important- both personally (duh) and professionally.

Now- don’t ask questions about why I’m watching Call of Duty videos… ok?


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