Going the Extra Mile

Going the Extra Mile

I know all of the runners out there are getting all excited right now…. Sorry folks- I’m not going to talk about running.  I do run in the warmer months – but, not now. (too cold!)
However, this entry is all about going the extra mile while doing my job.

One way to look at this concept is with the residents that live in my area.   If a resident comes to me with a concern I will do everything in my power to at least listen to their situation and talk with them about it.  Sometimes the case may be absurd and there’s nothing I can do.  Often what people need more than anything is just to be heard.  Even when I am ‘busy’ I can still take the time to listen.  This is what helps to build a positive community.

Another example might be in working with my student staff.  While I cannot always ‘jump’ and write a letter of recommendation overnight…. sometimes, you just have to do that.  When you bend over backwards for others, they know.  No need to hold it over their head – but, instead just know that you did the right thing & went the extra mile.  This will pay off big time later when you need someone to help you.

That’s what going the extra mile means to me.  What are other examples?


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