Power of Positivity

One of the goals my supervisor & I set this time last year for me was to be more positive around my staff.  To really ‘infect’ them with the positive energy that I have about my job & future in Student Affairs.

I’ve worked hard the past 12 months to make that positivity really something that people see when they meet me.

I’ve always heard that negativity brews, spiraling out of control in a downward spiral.  I think most of us would way that the opposite is also true.  When everyone around you is being positive, it is hard not to follow suit.

One of my current staff members, a second year RA,  was really negative about his position (not a reflection on him or his previous supervisor) last year.  This year, he and I have worked together — I’ve been really positive and encouraging about what he’s doing and how he is working to foster community in his building.  His attitude this year is a complete 180 from last year- by his own admission.

I don’t want to take more than 50% of the credit on this one — but, I do think my positive attitude has helped.

I know that when I am having a rough spot or day — I just turn to my staff and can gleen positive energy from them.  Their positive energy is infectious – I bet mine is similar.

Be positive in what you do- believe in what you are doing — those around you will have more fun & you will be able to enjoy what you are doing even more!

Bringing this post full circle – today I recieved my annual review.  One of the things that was highlighted was my positive energy & how it has been reflected in my staff.  The direct quote from my supervisor was “Brian, reading your staff’s feedback about you was like going to a ‘Brian-Fest!’ ”

I quickly realized that I want tickets to that event! Then I realized; that event is my every day reality.

Go get a ticket to your own ‘Fest’ — the key is being positive & infecting those around you with your positive energy.


2 responses to “Power of Positivity

  1. Fantastic post Brian! You have amazing energy -so glad to have connected with you. Best-T
    “The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” -author unknown

  2. Love it! Positivity is the fuel for what we do, and it costs nothing. Keep doing good work!

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