Little Things Count

I’m starting with a rant:

I really don’t like it when people say things like “I hate this weather” – when they are in a place where they live.

My perspective on this is that “hey, YOU are the one who choose to live here!”  This is just like the student who is under 21 & was caught in a room with alcohol who says “oh, I never drink” — well, that might be true, but dude- who made you stay in that room while all that activity was going on?
For me, when people complain about how a place is (inherently is) I get very frustrated.  My internal voice screams “well, who controls you? who is making you live here? who’s choice was it to live here?”

This is that ‘little thing’ that counts so much.  If you are negative about where you live, what else are you negative about that others are seeing?  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting we all get up and move to Florida — instead, I’m suggesting that you really think about how the things you say impact those around you.

Now on to a positive ‘little thing:’
This past weekend I went to the GLACUHO winter meeting.  I serve on the Health & Wellness Committee.  This positive thing is SO little- but was so great and positive.  Our committee chair was tasked with making ‘name plates’ for each of us.  These are the name tags that go on the table infront of you.  Each of our name plates had our names on the front.  Our committee chair went above and beyond and found the logo or mascot of our respective schools and put those on the name plate as well.  Then, on the back of the name plate she put the mission, vision, and values of GLACUHO.  I am sure other committee chairs did similar things – but, this small thing was so great.  Our name plates looked really good and each one of them tied us directly (in a positive way) back to our institutions – while also bringing us closer together and reminding us why we were there.

Another positive little thing.
I think many of you know I’m neck-deep in a job search.  I have been getting a fair number of emails from schools saying “hi, we’ve seen your resume & want to encourage you to apply to work a xyz university/college.” Each of these opportunities is really interesting to me and I get pretty excited about each one.  However, I have been looking back at my needs/wants assessment and turning down some of these opportunities.  One of the schools (I did tweet about this) sent me the greatest “thank you for telling us no” email.  I almost was tempted to email the person back and say “oh, nevermind! I want to work with you now!”
Where this was even more awesome, in my book, is that most schools have not been responding to my ‘no thank you” emails.

Final Thought:
Back to the GLACUHO meeting over the weekend, I did spend a lot of time looking to see who was there from various institutions, what they acted like, what they were doing, how they were networking…etc  I’m sure schools were scoping me out as well.  And I will readily admit that I was not the most outgoing/social person — but, I was true to me: hard working, focused, and laid back.  But, it really is true – people are always watching you & looking to see what you are made of.

Stop complaining about the weather people.  Or rather; Take charge of your situation!
If you need to move – then look to move!

Side note: our weather here in Indy is just fine.  Some might be really happy as it will be hitting 60 today.  For me, I have had an awesome day shopping for programs for my RA’s, meeting with the contract appeals committee, and am looking forward to an afternoon & evening filled with roommate conflict meetings — and I’m going to re-write a group-paper for submission into the IU journal. Somewhere in there I’m working on a cover letter for just one more position….


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