#oneword2011 update

Thanks for the great post! Anyone else have #oneword2011 updates? RT @Kathy_Petras: New Blog Post: “Living My Word” http://bit.ly/fEW92X4

Tricia Cesarino
Well- here’s my #oneword2011 update!
My word was Strive.
As I shared in my first post, my word was thought up by my staff.  We were doing a ‘spring rejuvenation’ activity & they came up with the word.
Throughout the term I wish I could tell you I’ve been challenging them to ‘strive’  — truthfully, I have not pushed them as hard as I could.  It just hasn’t been my role.  Since that post one of my students was accepted into the IU Med program, one was accepted and offered an assistantship in a Higher Ed master program, another one has been offered a graduate position in his field of choice…. they are all rockstars.
My update is much more about myself & my own use of the word.  I’ve been neck deep (as most of you know) in the job search.  I think it would have been easy for me to just run out there and apply for every hall director type job out there.  However, given my non-traditional background, I have chosen to really push myself and ‘strive’ to do more than that.
Another way that I’m using my word is in my social interactions.  As I’ve shared before, I’m a total introvert.  I’m also shy.  NASPA will be a trip & a half – but woah, will it be a challenge!
I have challenged myself to step it up and engage those around me in a much more social manner.  Part of this was to be ready for the job hunt — but also much of it is so that I can be ready for my next position.  I’ll need to engage those around me in a social way from day one if I’m going to accomplish anything.
That’s my update – yours?

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