Why I love cooking!

It’s so simple.  I love turning around in my kitchen and finding 3 or more dish towels laying around.  All the while the only thought in my head: “where the heck are the dish towels when I need one!”

Seriously now, I love cooking because it is a relaxing and ‘completable’ project.
Completable is an adjective which means ‘what which can be completed.’

Unlike most of what I do in my daily life- which are wonderful tasks that I cannot complete in a given time frame.  Even turning in a financial reimbursement form, while I can ‘finish’ it on my end, it still needs to go to the next person and the next and the next…. weeks later the task is complete.

Cooking for me is just a fantastic way to relax.  So this picture is of the ganache I’m making for the inside of the dark chocolate molded truffles that I’m slowly becoming famous for.  I don’t have this recipe posted yet.  I’ll have to work on that.

However, going back to the self-care idea.  I know some folks who garden & say it works wonders for them.  Cooking is my ‘magic.’  It is a wonderful thing that I do and really enjoy.  I think reading books does that for me too.  Speaking of which I’m still on track for the 52 in 52- are you?

So- please feel free to leave some comments about what you do to relax.  I’m going to see if I can hide another dish towel from myself….


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