Plan Ahead

I love Zits.  This was the comic posted today 3.8.11.  Short story: Zits is about a teenager, Jeremy the blond skinny guy, who is busy growing up.  He has relationships with his friends & parents that I can often relate too.  I’ve been enjoying Zits for at least 8 years now.

I post this comic for two reasons:
1)  The more typical student affiars type reason; how often is it that our students plan these great things but don’t always see the whole picture before they get the (literal) ball rolling?  How do we, as professionals, both advise, mentor, steer, but also help them to learn from their mistakes?  This is something I do all the time; as I’m sure many of you do as well.  I think we all recognize that each time is different & there is always a different ‘correct’ thing to do.

2) A bit more of the seasonal reason: the recruitment season.  As I have shared many times, I am currently wrapping up my two year Masters program and looking for a position.  I will be leaving for TPE in Philadelphia tomorrow and am looking forward to some very good conversations & interviews.
There have been TONS of posts, videos, tweets, webinars, and emails coming from all sorts of professionals who are offering their advice, their two cents, and their assistance to help us, as job hunters, go through this season successfully.  I am appreciative of this. Immensely appreciative.
I feel like the time is upon us, now it is time for me to shine.  Now is the time to make sure that I, unlike Jeremy, have planned ahead.  That I’ve got good questions to ask the schools that I’m meeting with, that I’ve done my research to understand new initiatives that might be happening at various institutions, and that I’m planned and prepared!
The van is rolling down the hill!  I have checked-in with my airline (24 hrs in advance), bags are packed, research is done!

To my peers who are in this job search season as applicants: I wish you each tons of luck & know that you will each find the best position for you!  I want to be there to help each of you celebrate this personal victory!

To the countless colleagues who have helped me along the way: Thank you a million times over – can I call you tomorrow with one more question?

To the institutions who are sending teams that I’m going to be meeting with: I’m prepared.  This is what you get. This is me.


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