Challenge the Back Channel

While at the general session yesterday listening to Donna Shalala sharing lots of great words of wisdom, I found many great professionals tweeting away on twitter (me included).  After about the first half of her session, I stopped tweeting as much and spent more time re-tweeting the things there were being posted.  I was really enjoying seeing a positive (but honest) discourse on twitter.  Some folks were agreeing with her while others were (respectfully) disagreeing.

I really liked seeing people being willing to post that they were disagreeing or agreeing with what was being said or how it was being said.  I was able to see that others are willing to be honest about their feelings.  I really like this.

While I think the back channel of a conference is great for the folks at home to follow along (also for me to ‘record’ things that I thought were worth thinking about later for myself), I also think the back channel is a great place to engage in a healthy discourse – allowing for individuals to express their frustration or joy with what is being said.

Please continue to be honest #NASPA11 back channel! Know that your voices are appreciated!


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