Making the Connections

Understanding my strengths from StrengthsQuest/Finder has been something I have really been working on over the past few years since I first did the inventory.  My top 5 are:


While on the intellectual level, I understand each of them pretty well – it is sometimes hard (for me) to see them connect or see them in action.

Last night I saw the Arranger really come out and shine.  The Arranger in me (in my own words) is like the orchestra conductor.  With a full 110 piece orchestra, 300 member choir, and the 4 solists all needed for Beethoven’s 9th, I stand up in front of the group helping us get where we need to get.  Gently guiding and nudging some along, while holding others back until they need to make their entrance.

Last night at the Tweetup this same thing happened over and over again.  Now, first off I have to throw out there that I’m not the one in the group who started the tweetup, I’m not the one who did anything amazing last night at all; but I did help a few folks make some very valuable connections & encouraged folks along the way.  Throughout TPE and the early part of the NASPA conference, I have connected with several amazing graduate students and young professionals.  Last night at the Tweetup I was able to connect them with others & then sit back and watch them have these amazingly empowering conversations.

It was magical, fantastic, and inspirational.  THIS is one of the reasons I am in Student Affairs – to help others get where they want to go by connecting people together.

Final Thought:
My hat is off to these amazing women:

These are the #WLSalt Sisters.  If you have not met any of them yet; you need to do so as soon as possible.  I have connected with each of them – and have had empowering conversations with each.

However, next year at NASPA, I want to be taking your photo and posting about how amazing you are.  Because I really could write a blog entry about each participant of the conference.  Each one of us spends every day empowering our students to achieve greatness.

I enjoyed watching the connections being made last night: Thank you.


One response to “Making the Connections

  1. Great post, but don’t for one minute think that you didn’t do amazing things over the conference, and especially at the tweetup. The connections you made happen for graduate students will reverberate. Be proud of how you contribute to the community. Thanks for being such an integral player in our connections.

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