Value Added?

Are you adding value to every conversation that you are having this week at NASPA?

Remember that part of learning is teaching — each time you are in a conversation, try to add something to the conversation — even as a Graduate Student, I have something valuable to bring to the table, even when I meet with SSAO’s.

I went to the session yesterday geared towards SSAO’s and connecting them with Twitter & social media.  After the session, I had a great conversation with a woman from Florida who was looking to set up her own Twitter account.  We talked through the process & connected.  I was the one handing out my business card saying “call me, email me, whatever – I will help you get this set up!”

How cool is that?
I love that in this profession of learning and life long learners we really do value that every one has something to share & we can get something from every interaction.

So – my challenge is as stated above: Add value to every conversation.  No matter how small – add value because you have tons to offer.


One response to “Value Added?

  1. Hi! I really like this post but I have a couple questions. Since NASPA 2011 I have made a twitter and a reflective blog in hopes of gaining feedback on my ideas and professional development goals. How do I go about encouraging people to read my posts and comment? How can I make my social media work a dialogue?
    Also, how much personal information is too much for these blogs? When should I start being cautious about my information.
    P.S. my blog is and my twitter is @virginialbyrne

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