Reflecting upon #NASPA11

I have really enjoyed the NASPA11 conference.  I went to a bunch of sessions & also took lots of time to meet with professionals from all over the country.  All the while, I know that on Tuesday next week my supervisor will turn to me during our next staff meeting and say: “so, Brian, share with us something that you learned at the conference.”

So, I have been reflecting a lot on each thing that I do – or session that I attend.  I don’t know that we always remember to pause and do this.  I know we all know it is a best practice, I know we all practice this type of thing with our students.  Particularly, with us – our student staff almost laugh every time we say: “ok, so how does this relate back to our job here in HRL?” — we say it all the time!

On first thought, I said to my self that I’d be able to do that reflection on the airplane trip home.  Truthfully though, I want to sleep on the plane – or read my ‘for fun’ book that I have not touched since arriving in Philly.  I’m going to need to make time on Thursday/Friday to really sit myself down with pencil and paper and write out some concrete items that I’ve learned and how they impact who I am, what I do, and where I’m going in my career.

I challenge you to do the same.  Really – put it in your schedule/calendar as an appointment! You must meet with YOU!  During this meeting – you have an agenda, you have a reason to meet, and you have a product you must produce.  Write down the things you learned – put them on a giant piece of butcher block paper in marker and hang them up in your office!  Title “This is what I learned at NASPA” Subtitle: “I want to share these things with others.”  Then share your experiences!


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