How do you lead?

From Twitter:

@EricStoller One of my favorite quotes from @LarryRoper: “Manage projects, Lead people.”

Eric posted this great quote.  I saw it and thought, “huh, this actually describes how I work!”  I totally spend more time managing projects than I manage people.  With people, for me, it is all about leading and connecting with them.  I’m always trying to reach out and understand what’s going on in the lives of those that I work with. 
Thinking reflectively about this though, I used to do this when I worked my first job out of college, then later as a substitute teacher, most recently as a middle school history teacher, and now in my current role, I’ve always been working to connect with those around me.  For project management, on the other hand, I’m very direct and to the point.  I don’t mess around waiting for things to happen.  I get up and make them happen.

How do you manage projects? How do you lead?  Do you do as Larry Roper suggests? or do you do something different?


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