Early April & a new product from Topaz Labs

As you know, I love taking pictures.  I’ve slowly spent more time learning about how to use Lightroom.  I use a Canon T1i for most of my shots.  I have a variety of lenses.

My latest stuff is me playing with a new product called Topaz Adjust.  I won a copy of the app from Scott Wyden. (Thanks to Scott & the folks at Topaz!)

So, here’s some shots I’ve taken over the past few days – mostly shots in Illinois.


One response to “Early April & a new product from Topaz Labs

  1. Love the colors and textures in these photos. I have always liked close up pictures of flowers and trees. You have several here that speak to me. In fact I would use them for my wall papers or screen savers if I had them.

    While I do not profess to know how to take those types of interesting shots, I do know what I like and what you share I like. Thanks for posting these. One day when I am finished with my phd I will go back to learning more about photography.

    And one day when you are close by or my husband is close by I will introduce you. I know you would have much to talk about.

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