3 On Campus Interview Hints

Hey folks! So here are three thoughts on the on campus interview.
I’ve gone on a few between this search & my last few job searches.  I’ve also been a member of several search committees here and at my previous institutions.  I’m no expert, but here are three thoughts.

1) DO your homework! I’m sure you’ve heard this.

  • Look at the job description.  Figure out what the job is really going to ask you to do.
  • Figure out what the school is all about.  You don’t need to memorize their core values, but it is worth it to know some key phrases/ideas/terms that are unique to the position.
  • Learn the area.  Expect them to ask you “why do you want to live in x town.”

2) Ask Questions! I know everyone says that.  But it’s true!  Ask questions!

  • Be sure, however, to ask the correct type of question to the correct person.  For a medium-large department, the director may or may not know the exact duty schedule for the student staff.  However, the director should know some stuff about the strategic planning!
  • Feel free to ask the same question to multiple people.  Also, if you know the answer to a question, it is ok to ask it again to a new person!
  • When in doubt, ask about the area/region.  “What’s your favorite part” “What was the biggest surprise for you when you moved here?” (+ or -)

3) Observe! Take a good long look around.

  • Look at what folks are wearing.
  • Look at the offices.
  • Watch the non-verbals.  You will see lots of communication this way.  Keep an eye on it.

I think above all else: take notes, do that reflective piece afterwards, and try to decide if this is the best place for you.  Only you can answer that question.


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