Feeling Frustrated?

“When people get frustrated or fail, they either crash, cope, or change.” – John Maxwell from his book Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.
I got this quote from @joshskillman, my supervisor in my current position.  Feel free to check out his blog.  I’ll warn you now that it is all about running.

Anyhow, he put this quote at the top of our agenda for our supervisory team staff meeting this week.  I immediately re-read the quote a few times to see if I got it completely or if I missed something.

I think this quote can mean a lot of different things for different people.  For me, this quote helped me to reflect upon how I work with frustrations or failures – as compared to how other folks I know work with them.  
Folks might think this blog post is all about me not getting a job I was excited for – but, really this has nothing to do with that — this post is much more large-scale thinking.  Over the past x years of my career I have seen my ability to deal with frustrations and failures evolve.

I remember when I used to crash after hearing ‘no’ for something.  As a student leader in high school, I applied for a leadership role and didn’t get it.  I was devastated.  I ‘crashed.’  More recently, I can remember myself being quite frustrated with changes in the workplace or changes in policies and seeing myself completely crash.

Over time, I figured out how to cope with frustrations and failures.  When I didn’t get into my first choice of graduate program, I just shrugged it off and moved on.  I also often turned to over eating or over exercising… that would be negative coping behaviors.

Fast forward to now, I am able to adjust to frustrations and failures and just change my behavior to adapt to the new situation….  Well, at least some of the time this is true.

So- the question for you! How do you deal with failure or frustration?


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