Multiple Normals

I think many of us have watched acoustic guitar players play.  Typically a guitar player for me is someone strumming on the instrument – in this video below, Trace Bundy plays a guitar in a very different manner.

He does a great rendition of pachelbel’s canon (in my opinion).  However, didn’t you sit there going ‘huh?’ a few times during the video? I know I sure did.

Is his guitar playing ‘normal’?  For him you bet it is.  This is the concept of multiple normals.  For me, there is one thing that is ‘normal’ and for you there is something else that is ‘normal’ – and they are both completely ok and ‘normal’ (per say).

This concept of ‘multiple normals’ is something I learned from @joshskillman during a training on multicultural competence.  It is something that I’ve taken with me and continue to use when I’m talking with roommates about roommate conflicts, teaching sessions on diversity, or just in my day to day conversations with folks.

What do you think about the concept of ‘multiple normals’? How could you use this idea in your daily work? Leave comments below!


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