Strange Moments During my Job Hunt

Most of you know I’m neck deep in my job hunt.  I’ve been doing on-campus visits lately.  Each one has given me a moment to chuckle – either at myself, the situation, or… well – you get the idea.

1) Director of the department at x university says “So, you have probably never been asked this question during an interview before.  Tell me your life’s story.  Start with where you were born & your parent’s backgrounds.”

2) My host at y university turns to me at 4p on the interview day and says “how about you go back and change.  Then we can go on a hike.”  And then we went on a nice hour long hike.

3) Host at n university opens up my apartment for me and says “well, you’ll find a little goodie bag in the room with local goodies.”  Opened the bag to find 1 orange, 1 apple, 1 wine glass etched with the name of the institution, and 1 bottle of white wine.  Too bad I don’t drink alcohol.

4) In the guest apartment at r university reading the directions to get on the internet.  They provided an ethernet cable to connect to the wired network (no wifi)….  The cord was 2 ft long.  The jack was 5.5 feet up in the air.  Distance from the table to the jack was a good 3 ft.  I held my laptop up in the air while I surfed the web.  I also spent more time reading my book during that visit.

5) School p emails me about a week before my on-campus visit saying “we’ll pull together your interview schedule and get it back to you right quick.”  I leave for my on-campus interview with no schedule in hand.  I arrive at the hotel and find my gift bag and schedule.  That’s right quick?

6) School o told me that I get to attend their Student Leader Awards banquet the night before my interview.  In the email, I was directed that the “Dress is Snappy Casual.  (Khaki slacks and a shirt are fine for this banquet).” – I’m still wondering about that term ‘snappy casual.’

7) I’m at TPE interviewing and my two interviewers for school w forgot who asked the last question (they had been going back & forth).  They started to argue about it.  I finally interjected and just said that I could read the next one & then answer it.  They proceeded to let me.

8 ) Half-way through TPE day three.  I get a direct message (on Twitter) from a professional from school h -asking if I want to have a follow-up interview with them.  Not only am I happy to oblige, I’m completely amused that we’re using social media to set this up.

So- those are some of my memorable & amusing moments.  I’d LOVE to hear some of yours!  I know @LeahWescott has been waiting to hear some of these stories too…


4 responses to “Strange Moments During my Job Hunt

  1. Thanks for sharing these. Though it has been years since I traveled and interviewed you have given me things to consider and most importantly reminded me there is humor every where.

  2. The emperor is most pleased with your progress, Jedi Job Searcher. My favorite was the ethernet story. I’m currently on a search committee and I apologized to them for feeling like I had to remind them “Please treat all candidates like you actually *want* them to come to our institution.” Now I wish I hadn’t apologized.

  3. at least 1, 3, 5, 6, and especially 7 seem like tests to see how you respond.

  4. Ah the housing interview days! I would been quite excited about that hike option.
    My housing stories are the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (only one, it was a group interview. As in all the finalists in a group with the director. Hands down most awkward interview. I knew I wasnt getting the job the moment one candidate declared her husband worked in the student affairs dept. Yes, she got the job.)

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