Asking for Help

Asking for help is very hard to do.  Accepting help when offered is also very hard to do.
Delegating – same thing, very hard to do (for some people — for others they do it too durn much).

However- what all of these ideas boil down to is trusting your teammates/co-workers/friends to do what they said they’d do.  It’s also remembering that each of your peers was hired for a reason — usually because they were the best candidate!  So- have faith in that process and trust those around you to help you out!

I’m often the one to offer assistance, I’m always offering to hold the duty phone for folks, and I’m pretty good at delegating.  Or rather, I think I’m often the one offering those things…

There was a great moment about a year ago when one of my colleagues was unloading a van full of programming supplies and I walked right by and waved…completely forgetting to offer to help.  Later we talked about it and laughed, but realized that Iw as completely in a ‘zone’ while walking & not thinking at all.

I think as the end of the year rounds around…. we all start to get stressed and tired.  (just like our students?)  This is that time when it’s crucial to turn to your team/peers and be able to ask for help.


One response to “Asking for Help

  1. laurie berry

    Brian: you have to be talking to me in this post. This is a wonderful reminder that during this time of year when many of us are stressed we should accept help when it is offered in a genuine way.

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