Explaining your point

I know I’ve posted Zits cartoons before.  I love Zits.  For my short explanation about Zits- check out this post.

On 4.30.11 this was the Zits:

I just want to set the record straight.  We never ever feel like Jeremy’s mom in this post.  NEVER EVER.  Haha!

Of course we do! All the time!  What I love about this cartoon is a few things.

  • Sometimes our students don’t listen too well.  Or, perhaps we aren’t quite communicating to/with them on a level they are able to hear.
  • Sometimes our students are not listening to us.  Or, perhaps we are not talking with them. (I said ‘with’ for a reason).
  • I love that in the last frame Mom & Dad reflect about the conversation.  I think this is crucial in what we do.  We have to reflect upon the goods and the bads in our interactions with students.  I think we do this often in our 1:1’s with our supervisors & I think we do this in the form of ‘venting’ with our peers.  But, it is really important to do this- as it helps to make us stronger professionals.

That’s my quick two cents about  this Zits cartoon & relating it to our jobs.  It’s hard sometimes to explain your point – but often very important.

On the flip side, it’s really key to talk about how the conversations go with our peers — in order to reflectively learn about what we do & how we can become better at our profession.

What do you all think?


One response to “Explaining your point

  1. Christine Feit

    Yes, we need to have conversations with our peers to be reflective and do better. The challenge is to be sure that we are surrounding ourselves with people who think differently than us. Otherwise what could be reflective practice turns into patting each other on the back…my two cents.

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