three concepts of inspiration: from one of the many graduation speakers…

I tweeted this:
look for meaning, be intentional, & “we can do better than that”– Nancy Chism #hesahood11

This was paraphrased from the speech Dr. Chism gave us at one of our graduation parties.  I’ll break down each of the three points- it was her “three bits of advice to you on graduating & becoming a student affairs professional”

  • Look for meaning.  (the tears started in the audience right here) Really take a moment during the hussle and bussle of your daily job, wether it be advising 100’s of students or dealing with a roommate conflict.  When you are at your most stressed and tired point in your job — take a moment to search for the meaning in what you do.  This is what will continue to encourage you to do your job & love it.
  • Be Intentional.  I truthfully don’t remember exactly what Dr. Chism said about this point.  But, to me it is pretty clear.  Make sure you are taking a job because it moves you in the direction you want to be going.  Be purposeful in the committees you sit on and how you engage with those groups.  Take on projects you know you can accomplish – while still taking appropriate risks.
  • A line from President Obama (and ironically my mother): know that often “we can do better than that.”  The family joke in the Gallagher clan is that my mother will have “we can do better” on her tombstone.  But, Dr. Chism’s point was all about trying hard, reflecting & realizing you can often do better than where  you started — inspired by words of President Obama.

I do not do her remarks justice — at all.  But, I really am inspired by her words & reflective in what it is that we do as student affairs professionals.


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