Gotta Share!

Improv Everywhere is this great group out of NYC that I think helped to start the movement of flash mobs & other such behaviors.  I give them lots of positive credit for their work over the past few years.  I signed up for their list-serv a while back & am on both the list of “here is the cool thing we just did” and also the “hey, you live-nearby & want to be involved? Here’s what’s happening next week.”  It is fun getting their messages.

Just this past week they shared the “Gotta Share!” Prank & Video.  You can watch the video yourself & I hope you enjoy the music.

I was thinking reflectively throughout the whole video that we really do — in our current status as a culture —  spend a lot of our time & energy sharing.  Just this past weekend & got my sweetie/partner interested in Instagram & posting goofy photos of what we do on facebook.  (She will have a twitter account in about 2 months I predict…)  Meanwhile, I was checking in on foursquare, cross posting the photos I took on Facebook & Twitter &….&…

I enjoy doing it, but, I do miss not wanting to do that.

It always pains me when I’m out to dinner with someone and their cell phone is either in their hands or on the table.  Really?? What is more important than being present with me?  I agree, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances (kids home with baby-sitter, grandparent in hospice…etc) but – generally speaking? never.

So, while I do love the irony that Improv Everwhere points to, I also wonder if we are too reliant on our phones/need to share what we do.

This is one of the major reasons I am reluctant to dump my ‘dumb-phone’ and upgrade this fall when I start a new position at a new school.

What are your thoughts about the video? What about how much we use our phones to be and stay connected?


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