Bike Ride and 4 photos

Went on a nice bike ride today.  I’ve got an odd single speed bike & odd timing.  I checked the weather several times this morning and knew there was an impending t-storm.  But, I figured it couldn’t hurt to get outside.  I brought my rain-coat & choose a route that would ensure that there were some underpasses I could hide under if the rain got pretty crazy.

I also brought my camera with me & snapped a few fun shots.  If you click on the photo, it should open it up large for you to really see.

So, the two photos are of the rain – I took the shots with an odd lens for what I was photographing… I used my Canon EF 100mm F2.8 L series lens.  Typically this lens is used for macro photography.

So, these next two shots were well after the rain had cleared.  I biked by the Madam Walker Theater and saw a large painting.  Turns out, this piece had been painted & designed by one of the students that I worked with this year.  He was not an RA that I supervised, but we work in the same area.  His name is Will Watson.  As much as I tried to find a page for him- I just have a link to his Facebook profile.  But, he’s a great guy.

Here are two different photos.  The first is using a Lensbaby lens.  The image looks like it is distorted with a photoshop or some sort of program — instead it is just the strange optics of the lens!  Personally, I think it’s really cool.

The final shot is a combination of 7 exposures using a technique called HDR photography.  For this shot, I used my GorillaPod tri-pod.  And used my Canon EF-S 10-22m lens.  This lens is super for really wide-angle shots.  It is hands down my favorite lens that I own.

Hope you enjoyed my stuff!


One response to “Bike Ride and 4 photos

  1. I really like the first picture. it’s something I would frame and put on my wall 🙂

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