Speak Well of People

I attended a session presented by Ed Cabellon several years ago at the ACUI Region 1 Conference at the University of Vermont.  It was the 1:15p session —  called “After Grad-School.”

During the session, Ed talked about a TON of great stuff.  (Can you tell I just recently re-discovered my notes from the session?) However, one of Ed’s final key take-away points was that it is a really small field, our Student Affairs field.  He estimated between 2000-6000 total professionals.  Then he stressed that it is important to speak well of other people.  

As I embark on my next journey- leaving the institution where I’ve done my Graduate work – to my first professional position in this field, this is one of those key things I want to take with me.  I want to be sure that I am always speaking well of people – specifically other professionals.

It has already happened to me that I have interviewed someone for job x — only to find several months later that they were interviewing me for job y!  This is a very small field.  Let’s be sure we are speaking well of others.

Thanks Ed for a great session – all those years ago.


One response to “Speak Well of People

  1. Once again a well timed reminder. Now I really want to see an Ed presentation. Hope our paths cross soon!

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