Are you a twitter-evangelist?

Inspired by a recent post by @JSFrier about #Sachat people being perceived as being elitist & an excellent conversation I had today with @jdsunshine ….

I’m wondering when the last time was that you were a twitter-evangelist.
For me, this means two things:

1- Easy: last time you told someone about how cool & nifty twitter can be as a professional development tool.  Perhaps this was at lunch, in an email…etc when you referred to a tweet you saw, a blog you read, or a video interview you watched — where you learned something. This is a pretty easy thing to do and I bet we do it all the time.

2- Challenge: when was the last time you really sat down with someone and clearly explained to them what twitter, #sachat, blogging…etc really is, how it works, what it means to you, & how they can benefit from it.  I agree, this takes time.  In fact, I think this often takes several interactions.

Perhaps one interaction where you accidentally plant a seed.  Maybe you mention something you learned from a recent episode of #salive; take that moment to explain to your audience what the source is & then go from there in your conversation.  Fast forward a few days/weeks and mention something else you learned.  Maybe they look over your shoulder as you are re-tweeting some outstanding thing that you’ve just read.  Then take that person to lunch and really talk with them about how this technology has helped you.  You could even talk about the work that @reyjunco has done (and published) in this field.

I think another part of being a twitter-evangelist is connecting individuals with others.  Today I had a great conversation (as I previously mentioned) with @jdsunshine.  During that conversation she (now- I bet she’s completely embarrassed that I’d talk about our conversation in a blog post…) talked about how I’m always at the top of her twitter feed.  She asked me how I had enough time to connect so much on twitter.  I took that chance to talk with her about how much I gain from my interactions on twitter and how it has become a priority for me.  Later, I sent her a direct message helping her connect with lots of professionals that I learn from.

How are you a twitter-evangelist?


2 responses to “Are you a twitter-evangelist?

  1. Thanks for posting this. I can say I was an twitter evangelist today. I need to make it more of a regular occurrence. The information shared via twitter has positively changed my personal and professional life for the better. I need to help others discover what good things can happen with twitter engagement. I appreciate this well-timed reminder!

  2. Yes…I am a Twitter Evangelist for sure. But I don’t take offense to it 🙂 Great post, Brian!

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