Dear my new staff

This is a letter to my new RA staff.

First off- I am so excited to be working with you.  I know that we will have a fantastic year working together.  I hope you feel the same degree of positivity that I have about this.  I know that we have an excellent Senior Staff to work with you.  Between myself,  Jac (the other Hall Director in the building), and our two Assistant Hall Directors — this is a great team to work with.

However, I think the thing I am looking forward to the most is getting to know each of you.  I mean really developing a relationship with you where you feel supported in your job, supported in your life, encouraged, and also challenged.  I am going to hold you accountable to your job here.  I am going to push you to try harder in your job.  I will ask you about your classes.  I will encourage you to study harder and to make sure you are taking the time each of your classes needs.  I will also be challenging you to make healthy decisions in your life.  Perhaps that means I will just push you to accomplish your own goals.  Maybe that means I will work with you to create goals for your future.  I bet I’ll remind you that you wanted to go to the Gym 3 days a week.

I hope that you enjoy your time working with me.  I love my job, I love that I’m doing this job, and I’m loving working at this institution.  I hope we both have fun working in this building together.  I know I have an absurd sense of humor.  I hope you can enjoy it – or at least learn to roll your eyes at me.

I’m also looking for you to challenge me.  If I tell you I’ll have something for you by a certain time – I hope you hold me accountable to that.  Accountability works two ways.

I know that you will come up with some ideas at how to better run our building — I hope you will bring these ideas to me!  I want to hear them.

Now, I’m sure not everything will be daisies and roses.  I am positive that we will have some challenging moments, challenging conversations, and maybe not all of us will be employed in our current position in May.  I know the duty phone will ring at odd hours and we’ll both be grumpy about it.  I am positive we will get a fire alarm during inclement weather.  I guarantee that I will ask you to do something that you are not so thrilled about doing.

Please know that my goal, over everything that I do, is to create the best environment for our residents.  I want them to be academically successful.  To measure this, I want them to stay in school and have good grades.  I also want our residents to enjoy their time living with us.  I know that you will do some outstanding programs that are under attended.  But, I want the overall experience for our residents to be positive and fun — all the while, we are creating a safe and secure place for them to study and be academically successful.

This department exists to “provide a high-quality, affordable living/learning environment that contributes to personal development and academic success” (SIUC University Housing Mission Statement).  Our jobs are to help carry out this mission.

I’m ready — are you?

– Your Hall Director – Brian


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