Dale & some of his future friends…

Dale is our thanksgiving turkey. Here is a photo of Dale & then some rosemary, ginger, & kabocha squash.  I’m experimenting with some new ways to photograph food. 

This is a B&W photo of Dale.


We purchased Dale from a local farm called Frontwards Farm.  Jason & Sarah are the farmers who run Frontwards Farm.  They are quite wonderful.  We even had Jason name Dale.  We also purchased a CSA share from them earlier this year and have been enjoying their produce all season.  Dale was a separate purchase that we made from Jason & Sarah.  We’ve also purchased another bird which we will pick up in mid December.  

We have some plans for Dale.  Dale will be made into a Tandoori Turkey.  We got the recipe from the November edition of Bon Appetit.  We have a history of naming our birds before we cook/eat them.  Really, we only do this with turkey.

With Dale’s sibling (unnamed currently) we are planning on doing a Cajun-Spiced Turkey.  But, we’ll see.

Today we went to the Farmer’s Market here in Carbondale and also purchased some kabocha squash.  Here’s a photo of two of them:


Same photo in B&W:


I can’t decide which photo I prefer.  We cook with kabocha squash a lot.  We use it the same way we cook with butternut squash or buttercup squash.  All are great in soups, pie, or roasted and pureed with honey.  

Next up, we have the rosemary.  Since it is the end of the season, they were practically giving it away! This entire sprig was just $1.  Outstanding!  We have it now on our dining room table in a vase.  It smells amazing & looks beautiful too.


We’re not quite sure what we are going to do with all of this rosemary.  I imagine that we will end up drying much of it.  But, it is so pretty!

Finally, here is some ginger.  Some of this ginger will end up spending some time with Dale. I am sure of it!  We tend to cook with ginger a lot. 


We got this ginger at a local market.  I am sure it will be gone in 7 days.

This whole post I’ve been showing photos taken with a new technique for me.  I’m using a white background & natural light to try and photograph food.  I really need to invest in some flashes & some sort of hardware to physically ‘hold’ the background/backdrop that I’m using.  My goals are to get this perfected over Thanksgiving.  If anyone has any ideas or experiences, please feel free to contact me.  


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