Slow down!

Similarly to the Simon & Garfunkel song “59th Street Song (Feeling Groovy)”  I saw this Zits Cartoon and was struck to remind myself (and others) to SLOW DOWN!

 (11.2.11 Zits)

Even though we are neck deep in the week before finals here & it is BUSY! — I still need to take the time to remind myself to slow down.

The other obvious point in this Zits cartoon is the idea of multi-tasking & I love how the parents are just so confused by the multi-tasking concept.  I do believe that as busy as many of us are during this late-fall season… we tend to multi-task more.  I encourage you to take a breath, take a break, and not multi-task.

Going back to our friends Simon & Garfunkel – “Slow down, you move to fast…” really take the time to relax this next few weeks and celebrate as you say “Life I love you! All is groovy!”


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