There’s _always_ a PLE.

There’s _always_ a PLE.

I learned that from my previous supervisor.  A PLE is a ‘Perfectly Logical Explanation.’

Sometimes you look at a puzzle, a statement, an email, an idea, or even watch someone do something– and you think to yourself “huh!?!?”

The reality is, there is always a PLE.

Zits 12.18.11

As my loyal readers know, I love Zits cartoons and relating them to every day life.  This is just another one of those moments where you look at it and think “huh!??!” — then, you look closer and realize there is a PLE.  Well… it’s almost logical…


2 responses to “There’s _always_ a PLE.

  1. I need to embrace PLE a bit more. It will help keep me from jumping to conclusions before knowing more of the story. Thanks for the reminder, Brian!

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