The ‘I got a new job’ post

While this did happen almost a month and a half ago… I figure I should still post about it.

I got a new job.

For those unaware, I was working as a Hall Director at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  Now I am working as a Residence Director at University of Massachusetts Amherst.  For all intensive purposes, the jobs are essentially identical.  The biggest difference is location.

We moved back to New England as we want to be closer to my wife’s family and many of our good friends.

We are very excited to be back in the region & have been busy re-connecting with many friends.

Professionally, while I am sad to leave SIU and the region (I have many good connections with folks from the region), I am excited to grow my network with professionals at UMass and also in New England.

End status update.


One response to “The ‘I got a new job’ post

  1. Congratulations! I actually did my grad work there. You will love it!

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