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Kohlrabi… what?

This week we are talking about Kohlrabi.  By the end of this post my hope is that you are familiar with the vegetable enough to buy one and eat it!

To start with this is what a kohlrabi looks like.photo 1

Kohlrabi is part of the cabbage family.  There are three basic parts to this vegetable.  The leaves, outer skin, and inner parts.  The leaves and inner parts are eatable.  Treat the leaves as you would any cooking greens.  The inner parts are similar in texture to a radish or broccoli stems.  The taste is similar to broccoli stems, jicama, or maybe even a faint apple or potato.

According to the folks at the Natural Agricultural Library… kohlrabi is full of some good vitamins and minerals.

Our farmer friends from River to River Farm asked us to take a closer look at this vegetable this week and present some cooking options.  So, here goes!

photo 2After some googling & asking around someone mentioned grilling the kohlrabi.  We have a weekly grilling night with some co-workers so we figured we’d give it a try!  We cut the kohlrabi into ~1/4 inch slices, brushed with olive oil, stuck them on skewers, and grilled for 10-15 min.  They were amazing!  We are definitely doing this again.

We often try foods raw first.  We sliced the kohlrabi up and put some salt, pepper, and olive oil on them,  They were good.  I see us putting small pieces in salad in the future.

We love roasted veges.  Toss an assortment of vegetables in a baking pan with olive oil and let your 350 degree oven do its magic for about an hour.  With the kohlrabi, I’d cut them into 1/2 inch chunks.

Kohlrabi Curry
We have been on a big Indian food kick lately.  Preparing for some upcoming blogs posts…
I googled and found these two posts: Kohlrabi Curry & Kohlrabi Greens Curry – I knew we needed to try them both.  We followed the recipe’s (minus the pressure cooker – as we don’t have one yet) and found both to be a bit bland – but good.

Kohlrabi and feta quiche
Plan on trying this recipe next weekend.  Looks good to me!

So, those are some ways to use this great vegetable!  Who would have thought something that looks vaguely like an alien could taste so good!

What have your experiences been with the kohlrabi? How do you prepare it?


La Colina Linda B&B

Visited this lovely B&B over the weekend – Read our review of it!

Ugly Duck Travel Blog

We had the amazing good fortune to meet Kathy and Jeri at our local farmer’s market.  Turns out they own and operate the La Colina Linda B&B.  They invited us out to visit their property, see their extensive gardens, and spend some time with them. La Colina Linda Farm and B & B-8628

To start with, both Jeri and Kathy are lovely.  Both have been in Southern Illinois for a long time and are very knowledgeable of the region.  Both have a variety of interests and were great to talk with.  It was fun to trade recipes with Kathy while learning from both about their garden, sustainable farming techniques, and about how they are investing in their local community by teaching others to grow and cook vegetables.

Their B&B is nestled in the heart of the Southern Illinois wine trail.  The B&B is off the beaten path and an amazing place for a quiet retreat away from the hustle and…

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Lantern Festival at the MO Botanical Gardens

A bit ago I posted a bunch of flowers from our visit to the MO Botanical Gardens in St Louis.  However, the main reason we went was for the Lantern Festival in the evening.

Below are some of the photos I took.  Enjoy!

All shots taken with a Canon t1i and a variety of lenses.

Flowers from the Missouri Botanical Gardens (June 10)

Went to the Botanical Gardens over the weekend to see the Lantern Festival (those photos will come later).  Took some good flower photos throughout the day.  Enjoy!  Each shot taken with a variety of lenses – mostly Canon 100mm IS 2.8 — on the Canon t1i – using a tripod.