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#oneword 2012

Last year, my #oneword was ‘Strive’ – I shared with you all a great activity that I did with my RA’s and how much fun it was for them to come up with a word & then for me to run with it as the word I wanted to use for myself!

This year, my #oneword is a word I’ve been saying almost daily in my job.  I wish I did this more.  I wish other folks did this more.  I know that I CAN do this more.  I intend on doing this more.

My word for 2012 is ‘Sharing.’  No cool graphic this year to illustrate it (sorry!).

I debated doing ‘Share’ vs ‘Sharing’ – and decided on the verb/action because I want to do more of it this year.

For me there are two parts of this goal:

1) Personal life – I don’t do a good job at sharing what goes on with me with those around me.  I can do better.  This is the bigger part of the goal.

2) Professional life – I work at a large-ish institution within a large-ish department.  I can do a better job at sharing the triumphs of the area that I work in, sharing the ideas/mechanisms that I use in my area, and also at encouraging others to share their great ideas as well.

So, while last year I was pushing others (and myself) to ‘Strive’ to do better — this year, I’m pushing myself and others to be a better part of the community that is ‘Sharing.’

What is your #oneword2012 ?

How could you be better at ‘Sharing’?