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Eating through the freezer!

That is our mantra right now.

We have done a great job preserving food, finding amazing deals on local meat, and cooking amazing things… and then freezing all of it!  The problem is that we forgot to eat it!

Contents of our freezer currently include:

  • Ham steak from a local pig farmer
  • Two sets of pork chops from two different local pig farmers
  • Beef soup bones from a local beef farmer
  • Ground beef galore from two different beef guys
  • A package of bacon
  • A package of local Italian beef sausages
  • packages of soy sausage
  • at least 5 pieces of amazing salmon (including two full fillets)
  • a gallon of cilantrophoto (13)
  • a quart of basil
  • about 30 egg whites in quart bags (don’t ask)
  • 3 gallons of frozen blueberries
  • 2.5 gallons of frozen bananas
  • a few quarts of frozen strawberries
  • two quarts of frozen raspberries
  • a few quarts of frozen mango slices
  • an assortment of homemade sorbet
  • at least 4 quarts of various vegetable and meat stock

So, while it is awesome to have all of this (and more) — it is frustrating as some of it is from last season (or the season before…) !  We forgot to eat some of this stuff!  The thing that must go the soonest is actually the various sorbets.  I’ve discovered that some of those are actually two years old…

What makes things hilarious is that we just bought some lamb a few weeks ago – ate that within two days.  Then we got some more lamb from a friend – ate that over the past weekend.  Notice a trend there?

Welcome to operation ‘eat through the freezer.’  I’m currently melting a few tubs of the homemade sorbets to include in smoothies – or eat like one might eat applesauce.  I did this last week with some strawberry rhubarb sorbet and it was amazing.  Next up is some peach cardamom I think.

How do you ensure you don’t have food spending eternity in your freezer?


Salmon Sweet Potato Cakes

We learned this recipe from my fiancée’s sister.  She adapted it from here.  We have further adapted the recipe & here it is:

14.5 oz canned wild salmon (we use the Trader Joe brand)
2-3 large sweet potatoes
1/2 cup ground oats
1/4 tsp salt & pepper
1 small onion
3 Tbsp ground flax
3 eggs

3 Tbsp oil for frying (coconut, olive, or canola oil is what we usually use)

Wash, peel, & chunk the sweet potatoes.  Boil them for 15 min or until tender (can be done the day before).  ‘Clean’ the fish – we debone and de-skin the type that we purchase.  In a large bowl, place the potatoes, fish, and other ingredients.  Mix together.  Form patties.  Heat pan with oil & sear cakes ~ 3 min on each side (cook first side twice).


We sometimes do not grind the oats or flax.  We often add chia seeds.  We sometimes use red onion, white onion, yellow onion, leeks, or scallions (I really like the scallions, it depends on what’s in the fridge).  All create a joyful experience. We could use some carrots instead of some of the sweet potatoes. Using more or less sweet potato changes the texture.  More = mushier & there are more servings.  I find that when one is cooking the cakes, the pan wants to be hot enough to sear, but not hot enough to burn.  Also, I end up using more oil than I expect to keep things from sticking.  We usually cook these in our cast iron skillet.


All in all, this is a super easy recipe.  The cakes will keep covered in the fridge for a few days.  They usually do not last long around here.  So, I’m not sure how long they would stay fresh.