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No Social Media in the Bedroom!

If you’ve been following me on twitter you might have seen me tweet about this from time to time.  My amazing partner & I decided a few weeks ago to stop playing around on our cell phones in the bedroom.

We, like many people we know, might be playing Words with Friends, checking tweets, browsing facebook, or checking email before bed or right when we wake up.  We both use the cell phone as an alarm to wake us up in the morning (with a perfectly good dual alarm clock sitting next to the bed gathering dust…).

ImageBoth of us, at different times, have been very annoyed with the other at times for being so involved in the cell phone that we ignore the other.

So, a few weeks back we made some rules.

1) No social media in the bedroom.

2) No email in the bedroom.

3) No cell phone games in the bedroom.

4) Answer text messages/cell phone calls is fine (an unsaid expectation is that we don’t initiate those interactions).

Since then we have both slept better.  Since then we have both spent more time connecting with each other & less time being glued to a screen.

With the academic school year starting very soon, & knowing how my job picks up, we are going to continue these rules.  I believe that cell phone addiction has become a problem for many people.  There is no reason that I need to be accessing my email in those first few waking moments of the day (or right before sleep when I should be winding down).  I believe  I need to check my work email before I get to the office, but there is personal time in the morning that does not need to be work-infested.  I need to trust my colleagues to do their jobs and manage the various situations during their duty shifts that lead up to when my work time starts.

What do you think about our new rules? Could you uphold them? I challenge you to try it for a week and see if (& how) your sleep patterns change.

Totally unrelated sidenote, finding a graphic for this post was a challenge.  This graphic just made me laugh and wonder what my readers would say…  This was another failed graphic.  And although this one was very tempting, I decided to go with the one pictured above.