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Simple Vegetable Soup [Recipe + Photos]

This is a pretty simple root vegetable soup recipe.  My partner is feeling a bit under the weather, so I put together a simple soup.  We already had some turkey stock in the freezer which I used.  However, you could easily make a stock using bouillon or make a miso based soup.  We really like this brand “Better Than Bouillon” – but really anything from the store will do.

So, for today’s soup – part of it is just to see what vegetables you have laying around!  I found a carrot, parsnip, small potato, onion, and later added a zucchini at her request.

Start by washing & chopping vegetables.

The potato needs the most time in the pot to be tender.  The zucchini needs the least amount of time.  You can really add the garlic whenever you want.  If you add it sooner, everything gets a nice garlic taste.  If you add it later the garlic taste is much power powerful.  Because my partner is a bit under the weather, I wanted to make sure there was plenty of garlic, but that it wasn’t too potent.

Chopped onions:

Garlic right before it was cleaned, sliced and put in the pot.  We opted for sliced over mashed – just personal preference – both are great.  As you can tell, we really like a lot of garlic.

I ended up letting the onions & garlic cook for a bit (with some olive oil) before I added the potato.  But, here’s a photo of all of them in the pot.  You’ll notice the larger garlic slices.

While they were cooking, I cut up the carrot & parsnip.

Put all of that in the pot & let it cook while I cut the zucchini.

Then I added the stock – our stock was still partially frozen.  The photo I got of it just looks ugly – but here it is.

Bring it all up to a simmer – then test to see if the various vegetables are cooked.  Our broth was already well seasoned, so I didn’t add any salt/pepper…etc – but you could/should.

After I thought it was done, my partner ended up adding beet greens, fresh basil, dried thyme, and wax beans.  I love the color that the beet greens add.  So, here’s a photo of that:

That’s it! A simple vegetable soup.