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Mission Statement as a Team Builder

I was just reflecting back to our Graduate Assistant training and a session our Associate Director led during the early parts of training.  She took our mission statement and made a 30 min team builder/ice breaker out of it.  It was so simple yet completely brilliant.

She had the mission statement up on the screen and facilitated a series of questions to help the GAs and other full time staff in the room have a conversation about the different aspects of the mission statement.

Basic questions she asked:

  • What do you see in the mission statement that impacts our students?
  • What are some specific words or phrases you see in the mission statement that drive your day to day work?
  • Share from your experiences how individual words or phrases help you to do what you do.

What blew me away by this activity, aside from how simple it was, is the way it brought the old and new staff together.  I found myself, as a returning staff member, sharing experiences I had from the previous year which really made one aspect of the mission statement shine.  I also found myself learning so much about the new staff members (grad and pro staff alike) that excited me about working with them this year.

What sorts of activities have you done to help staff understand (and know) the mission statement?